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Spring cleaning/organization

Creeping out of the winter months, I always feel the need to clean and refresh every space in our home. Not really sure why, but it always feels good to move into the spring with a clean home. I'm including my cleaning/organizing strategy below. Feel free to comment and add your ideas as well.

I try to go room by room, so not to overwhelm myself and get burned out in the process.

Guest room(s)- Purge the closets for anything that needs to be donated/sold. Wash bed sheets/linen and clean floors. Dust everything and wipe down baseboards. This space is pretty easy because I don't have a lot in there to begin with.

Kid room(s)- De-clutter! Donate/sell/throw away toys and books that are outgrown or broken. Same with clothing. Also use bins/baskets to reorganize smaller items. I prefer everything to have it's own space. This makes cleaning up so much easier for not only you, but your children as well. Again, clean floors and baseboards. Give everything a good clean with wiping down toys, etc. It's crazy how fast these spaces can get disorganized and messy.

All bathrooms- Organize towels and other bathroom items. Clean out cabinets of old medicines, etc. Deep clean tub/shower/toilet/sink and floors. Not the most enjoyable of rooms to clean, but always needs it.

Kitchen- This space usually takes me awhile. I like to clean out the pantry, fridge, freezer, and spice cabinet first. Get rid of old items and deep clean each of those areas. Next, I make sure all dishes are cleaned and cabinets/shelves/drawers. Sometimes I reorganize a space and move things I use often to a better place, or get rid of unused items altogether.

Dining/Eating area(s)- Just deep clean tables/bar area and chairs. I'll usually change out the table decor to match the season too.

Master bedroom & closet- Change bed linens/sheets. Deep clean baseboards and other surfaces and floors. I go through all clothing in drawers and the closet. I create piles to sell or donate. If I haven't worn it in awhile, chances are I won't wear it anytime soon. After I have sorted everything, I reorganize it all to make it straight and neat.

Garage- Clean out broken toys, yard equipment, etc. Reorganize items on shelves, separating by category/season.

That was simple enough, right? It really is better if you break down each room or space. I have added a few of my favorites when it comes to cleaning and organizing below. Click the picture for the website link to purchase.

Happy spring cleaning! :)

Storage bins for kids rooms.

Basket organizers for drawers.

Utility cart can be used for several different things.

Great garage storage set.

Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface cleaner. I love this stuff!

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